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Oligie is a modern personal and home fragrance brand—designed to bring people together through meaningful products, sustainable design, and intentional living.


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Our luxuriously scented products are designed to create natural conversions and practically sell themselves. Each product is designed with purpose and always sustainably packaged.

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Why Parfum Oils?

Our Parfum Oils are specially formulated to smell wonderful, last all day, and nourish your skin (yes, nourish your skin!). Here’s what makes them stand out from the competition:

Parfum Base: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
This organic oil naturally hydrates and nourishes skin.

Average Scent Duration: 6-10 hours
Our oil-based fragrances last almost twice as long as other standard perfumes and colognes.

Price: $48
Most designer fragrances cost from $150 - $300—and you’re usually paying for a brand or a celebrity name. Our parfum oils are crafted from the same high quality ingredients, but a a truly affordable price.

Travel-inspired Fragrances

We believe that by exploring other cultures we can become better humans. This is the reason we craft each fragrance to capture the essence of destinations all around the world.

Where will you journey with us?


The future is the OikoSystem™

Launching Spring 2019, our modular home system is designed to create a consistent scent experience throughout your space—as eco-friendly as possible.


Here’s what drives us.


We believe in
meaningful products.

Our team of designers and product formulators are always challenging the norm, and pushing to create products that are both beautiful, functional, and create unique experiences.


We believe in
sustainable design.

We believe in being good humans. We are committed to designing products that can easily be reused, recycled, or refilled. We always source organic ingredients from reliable sources, and work to minimize packaging & shipping materials whenever possible.


We believe in
intentional living.

We strive to create meaningful connections with friends, neighbors, and the communities around us. After all, you never know what someone may be going through, and who might need some special care.

In addition, we’re committed to creating amazing travel experiences all over the world—because we believe other cultures can teach us to be better humans.


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